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Disappointment across the universe

I was very excited to see Across the Universe and went to the movie shortly after its release. It was O.K. and not nearly as wonderfully splendiferious as I had hoped after the kick-ass trailer that has been shoved down my throat for months. The only thing I can say is I left saying well will never see this movie again but the soundtrack is awesome I have to have it. Well flash forward to today where I finally got around to putting it on my i-pod plugged it into my Bose speakers and prepared to be moved by the majesty.

My only moving moment was to walk back over to the speakers to turn down the volume and make an attempt to suffer through it. Quite frankly without the movie the music is boring. It drags on and has weird musical interludes that quiet frankly make no sense to me. I'm thinking perhaps the whole soundtrack together is just frankly too many Beatles covers in a row. Maybe if I throw some of my fave songs from the movie into my top rated list they will survive. Its my last ditch effort in trying to at least somewhat meet the unrealistic expectations I had for this movie.

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  • Anonymous alice says so:
    6:01 PM  

    i very much agree, but i have like 5 songs and i just throw them into playlists. i had to set up a drive thru menu board today and of course i did it from like 10 - 12, half of me is burnt. oh and matt just told me there is a new david sedaris book, really i had no idea ive been missing out, but i plan to get it soonish. top