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Dead Butterfly Photo by Lain Cole

I have been on the scout for new blogs to read and came upon a gem called "Breath with me" the blog just started which I like because I could get in on the ground floor. This then lead me to a blog called my perpetually single life. How was I to not click on that surely we were meant to be friends, unfortunately I have nothing in common with the woman at the other end of this blog sit tight...I will get to my point.

Both blogs talked about butterflies in particular the ones located in the stomach. I ask this: Why do these little winged insects hold such fascination with people? At funerals mourner's swear their recently deceased loved ones float by or even dacnce for them. Single women swoon in hot pursuit of a tickling in their stomach to tell them yes he is the one.

I don't buy it.

No one I know well enough to visit me post-mordem would ever be caught dead (no pun intended) spending even a few precious days of there afterlife as a cute colorful bug. And butterflies in the stomach? I think the last time I even got close to that was in high school and I think it was due to the cafeteria food. I have absolutely no interest in pursuing a love that causes feelings that in any way slightly resemble dysentery.

Am I a lost cause? Incapable of love? Destined to die alone without knowing the magic of the Monarch? Classified as one of those girls who "settles"? I don't think so. Is it so wrong to think such giddiness is ridiculous. I want someone to make me laugh, to talk to after a shitty day and eat dinner with. To tell me I'm not a horrible mother when my kid tells me (s)he hates me after giving them a time out. That's my version of love and it has nothing to do with bugs.

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  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    11:39 PM  

    Thats funny, I thought you had somoene to laugh with, to talk to after a shiffty day, and to have dinner with, someone you loved and that did love you back, I thought you had that. top

  • Anonymous alice says so:
    12:22 PM  

    what i hate most about butterflies is the analogy of going from the ugly caterpillar and emerging as a beautiful butterfly. i just threw up a bit. top

  • Blogger Ava Mazur says so:
    5:58 PM  

    I totally forgot about that part! Maybe I can do a post on that :P top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    1:51 AM  

    So no comment on my comment? top