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Sleep...I like it

I don't feel like doing anything productive today. That's sorta a pattern with me. I slept until 9:30, went to the bathroom and back to bed. At 1:30 (that's 13.5 hours of sleep) I finally got out of bed. I called Alice I decided that I'm going to go to lacrosse for the evening. Since I have no one to sit the pups I wont leave until lateish but I think it will be good for me to leave the house.

I do not feel like riding my bike but Alice my little motivator managed in 5minutes to convince me to bring it along so we can ride to dinner and maybe for some drinks later. I wanted to get more homework done but I did just finish 2quizzes so that at least temporarily took away the guilt of continually blowing of my studying.

Does anyone have a magic ADD pill that will get me to concentrate on homework and not want to sleep so much? I'll pay cash and travel to a dark ally to get it. Well okay I won't I'm far too lazy to participate in criminal activity.

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