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Temporarily Insane

I was supposed to drive to Chicago on Tuesday night...instead I stayed home and went shopping. The theory was I wanted a new decent-ish shirt to wear for 4th of July festivities. I ended up with two way cute shirts, a summer dress and my third coach bag all on a credit card that was paid off :( sigh what was I thinking?

I couldn't resist though. They were doing a clearance so it was 30% off and it was the perfect size for me and I liked the color. I know I know it has the ugly C's all over it. But I do have to say over the course of the last year I have gotten really like the "signature" fabric. It's stain resistant, holds up, fur does not attach to it, my last one has even endured 2 separate 20-oz coke not quite closed incidences...and an additional two wash cycles.

So I have to say I don't even have buyers remorse. Its the perfect size. My tote was often too big but this one is just big enough to hold absolutely everything without being too large and in charge....oh and the best feature the plum lining. Oh an another thing...no I don't worry about my purse, and I don't think its weird taking it grocery shopping. To me yeah I know its a bunch of money....but my purse is something I use every day. I don't leave the house without it and something that gets that much use I don't feel bad about overspending. Splurge where it counts I say.

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  • Anonymous alice says so:
    1:00 AM  

    its cute, good job! you do wear the hell out of bags (notice the double use of wear).

    today sack and i rode bike (hahaha, we rode our bikes) to sams club. i ate a hot dog. there were a lot of hills. my ass hurts. but i did manage to ride 17 miles. i may have found a bike buddy that lives here! see this is my blog. top

  • OpenID breathewithme says so:
    1:17 AM  

    good for you! you certainly deserve it! top