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The bitch effect

I talked to birthday today who im'd me (way to go on not iming him even though upon logging in you immediately saw him on your list). He wished me a happy bday and offered a song.

Okay I admit I kinda waited by the phone....but during my waiting period I talked to my mom, my dad, Alice and Cobie...and i don't answer call waiting.

So I was going to bed somewhat annoyed that said birthday phone call was not made. How annoying I thought, why say your going to do something when your not. I would have never cared had he not said anything but the fact that he didn't follow through...red flag, red flag.

We had a very adult conversation after our un-date...basically saying yeah we liked each other but the distance...total drag. And at least for me starting a relationship long distance is just halfway crazy...not real. So we agreed we like our undates...no pressure, friends who go on dates but don't do the after date activities. If its meant to be it will work itself out down the road...and quite frankly I'm more than willing to go with the flow at the moment.

Well back to the point...I was getting ready for bed. Humm I wonder what Alice's message said when she was on the call waiting....listening...

What 2 unheard messages?

And there he was message number two no talking just a very thoughtful birthday song sung with grander like he was performing for the opera...albeit poorly.

Cute very cute.

Happy birthday to me.

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