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Friday Night

So Friday was my un-date with birthday. We met at centennial lakes park, which did not require me to parallel park or pay an attendant for the novelty of not driving my car and it was easy to find. Major bonus. We walked around the park grounds chatting and deciding what we wanted to do. There were paddle boats, a gondola which was mysteriously plugged in, croquet and put-put. I chose put-put. I started at the first hole and barely looked at my ball while I took my first swing…hole in one. Go me. That was the highlight of my golfing. I missed holes by inches and landed in more than one sand trap and rock embankment but it was still fun because we made up rules along the one…pretty much exclusively for my benefit even though we forgo’d the formality of keeping score.

After golf we went to his car where he opened the door for me and I was greeted with a piece of paper that included weekend road closings so I would have a heads up for my commute to the zoo the next day (very thoughtful). I gave him free reign for restaurant choice and we went to Crave. A trendy spot with an open kitchen, complicated light fixtures, linen napkins and the type of food that you want to take a picture of before you eat it. Oh and it was good food.

Conversation flowed well. I learned his two favorite words are shrub and yak. Shrub because if you say it over and over again it makes your lips tickle, Yak because the animal itself makes him smile. I blame my lack of sleep but my brain failed to produce an actual vision of what a yak looks like…I was thinking a dear with horns rather than a buffalo.

My confusion led to a spur-of-the-moment side trip to barnes and noble at the adjoining mall. Where we paged thought the books until we found a picture of a yak…sure enough a buffalo with horns was a very good description.

The next part of the plan was to go to an improv show. It had started to pour but mr.planner had remembered to throw his big golf umbrella in the car. Unfortunately due to the books-store detour we were late and there are only two shows on Saturdays which didn’t do us much good.

Plan B was the movies where we saw Wall-E. It was cute but will not be making Ava’s top pixar movie list. After the movie he dropped me off at my car and I was on my way back to my hotel and lordy did I get lost. What should have been a 12-mile trip took an hour and a half and a call to alice to get me out of wherever I was.

The next morning I saw I had a missed call the message was just checking in make sure I hadn’t gotten lost…thoughtful guy.

Yes Yes I know it doesn’t sound like an un-date but that’s what I though last time I went out with him a year ago. He’s just like that I guess. Besides although single I don’t really have any desire to change the status-quo.

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  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    9:58 AM  

    Hmmm...yes, sounds like a date to me. But I'll be curious to hear more about this guy from you. :) top