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Going for the Gold

All right I try to avoid posting my dreams because I'm sure most people find them boring but this one was just way too weird to pass up.

I was arriving at the Olympic opener. A interviewer stops me on the way in, "Miss.Mazur winner of the 04' gold for tennis may we interview you?" Reporters came out from the woodwork and swarmed me.

I was about to object and let them know they they had the wrong girl when it hit me....Oh yeah that is me.

On the big screen this odd montage come across to the entire stadium for 100,000's of thousands of people and there I was running in the the u.s. team although I wasn't wearing a cute little skirt weighing 120lbs of pure muscle...no not at all.

I was a good 250lbs and wearing a black swim suit with big white flowers and polk-a-dots. the bottom of the swimsuit was far to small and the butt portion went to one side past the crack giving a peek-a-poo view of my very large white ass. And my lower abdomen was leaking out the sides of the suit.

As the video ran I saw myself skipping across the court....I even managed to do some gymnastic interpretive dance between sets but unfortunately this only led to a massive case of fat giggle. Especially when they brought down the speed to slow motion.

P.S. I have once again misplaced my phone for those of you trying to call me.


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  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    12:08 PM  

    hmmmm Ava..I wonder what this dream was all about?? top