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I was supposed to get early this morning and listen to two lectures.

10:00 alarm rings 3.5 hours until i have to go to work.

I hit the snooze...5 times, I then reset the alarm

11:00 the alarm rings 2.5 hours until i have to go to work.

I hit the snooze, reset the alarm.

12:00 the alarm rings, snooze....oh fuck I have to get up.

Shower, dry, lunch...its now 1pm....I can still listen to half a lecture...oh screw it.

I have to have my semester finished up by next Wednesday.

For urinalysis I need to listen to 6 lectures and take two tests and a final.

For micro I need to Do a case study and a final...this is complicated by the fact that no one will email me back, final is nowhere to be found and I have no guidance for what this case study involves other than its worth 25pts on my grade sheet.

I do this every semester...distance learning is not for procrastinators.

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