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Wine-o Wednesday

So I received a bottle of wine from Rory's mom for my b-day. Her mom is cute like that. The wine came with explicit instructions...

  • break all wine rules while drinking
  • serve chilled over ice in a tumbler
  • add a fresh squeezed lime (which she thoughtfully included)
Ive become just a little bit of a wine snob and asking me to break wine rules is like asking me cheat on my taxes. Somewhat tempting but I was afraid the wrath of god might come down upon me for doing so.

Seeing as it was a gift though I had no choice by to comply with the wishes. OH MY GOD was it good! It tastes like a cocktail but with that hint of wine plus the acidity from the lime...perfect absolutely perfect. I might have to go buy a case of this stuff or better yet try other wines in this manner.

I will have to send her a thank you card...all though I'm quite lazy so I give it 50/50 for a thank you card...60/40 for a thank you phone call. And because I was feeling artsy I took a picture, partially because I like how limes look and also because I wanted to show off my new glasses I got at linen's and things for 60% off. Cheers!

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  • Anonymous Rory says so:
    9:36 PM  

    I'll tell my mum you loved it and that will be just fine -- but if you want to call or send a note - feel free, but no pressure- as she just wanted to know if you liked it. cheerios!
    -Rory top

  • Blogger Ava Mazur says so:
    3:56 PM  

    Make sure and tell her i liked it so much it was blog worthy...Im still working on the thank you but all my thank you cards are at work...oh bother. top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    9:54 PM  

    Sounds good Ava! I wish I liked wine...I tend to always go with things like Amaretto Sour...guess I like sweet/sour drinks :) top