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I know what you all are thinking...Ava what happened to you weekly posts about goals for changing your life and being more active and healthy. Well folks life happened and its also kinda boring to talk about. However the topic has been on my mind and its monthly weight in time. My first long term goal is 20lbs in 6mos. Yeah I know people on biggest looser do that in a week but seeing as I have a little thing called a job and school and needy bulldogs I'm aiming for something a little more realistic. 3.3lbs a month I can do that. We are two months in and I am on schedule GO ME! Also the whole one goal a week thing is too much for me adding on every week whozar I'd have to give up sleeping. So I'm going to try a new method the one goal a month...and each month I'll build on it.

August Goal:
Assuming 3 meals a day...Ava only 3meals a day no second dinners. 2/3 must be eaten at home or prepared at home. That's it the only rule. This is a flexible rule. Say I ate all three home prepared meals on Monday...on Tuesday I'm allowed to go to the cafeteria for lunch and Applebees for after work dinner.

I know this seems like a lame-o rule but I'm a bit addicted weekends are the worst and I will often eat all three meals at a restaurant or drive thru. I'm going out of town this weekend I better save up tokens.

The plan: August has 31 days therefore right now i have 31 little circles in my planner on the month of august...i fill one in each time i eat out...tada.

Also have you voted in the poll yet...do it, do it now...I command you! Click Me to Vote!


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  • Anonymous alice says so:
    2:32 PM  

    you bitch you lost 10+ pounds! we can eat lunch here on saturday, i can stock up on tomato sandwiches. top

  • Blogger Ava Mazur says so:
    11:17 PM  

    actually im only at 9.5...and i think that just gets me back to pre-cruise weight. top