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Ava the Human Dictionary

I don't check my ok cupid account very often...only when I want to take quizzes but oddly enough when I signed in I had 3 non-spam messages. Now I must bathe just in case STD's are transmitable through WiFi...

U look delicious...
reallly got my mojo revved up..do u likie massages...feet rubbedd..and caressed..
do u Hot-TUB !!!-- wine and cheese...while hottubbing..:))
feel free to call or e-mail me off line..XXXX@yahoo.com
u got my attention..:)) Yummy
I know, I know your head is spinning but let me help decode this suitors message.

U (noun)
  1. The 23rd letter of the english alphabet
  2. A shorthand used by persons of low intelect and pre-teens for "you" since they are simply too gosh darn lazy to add in the extra two letters.
Delicous (adjective)
  1. Of pleasing taste, desirable for consumption
  2. A person who is attractive
Mojo (noun)
  1. A Cuban seasoning of garlic, olive oil, and sour (Seville) oranges used as a dip, marinade, or sauce
  2. Something Austin Power's lost
  3. The magic one possess over the oposite sex
likie (adjective)
  1. Similar to the word like, to find appealing. Often used by toddlers when decribing thier toys.
rubbeded (verb)
  1. The act of a parasite burrowing into ones skin

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