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Dear Ava (7-27-08) Part II

Dear Ava,
Lately I've been having extreme mood swings and more road rage than normal - what's the best cure for getting rid of the grumpies?
-Hostile and Angry with morons who don't know how to merge.

Dear Hostile and Angry-

Dealing with the stupidity of others is often quite frustrating. I find the best way to cure a bad mood is liquor...no not beer hard liquor. Next time before you take to the highway I suggest a couple of shots of vodka...or if you like like smell of pine sol gin should do the trick. If you aren't calm enough to ignore the morons after that you should pack some heat (MN does have a conceal and carry law). Now I'm not one to condone extermination...especially after the whole Holocaust thing, but shooting bad drivers is more like exercising your god given right to hurry along natural selection.



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