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The moment I worry about having to get up early is the moment insomnia strikes, and sunday nights are the worst. I've been very content with my new schedule that allows me to waltz into work at 1:30pm showered and well rested. However being the super huge big deal that I am need to attend a meeting at 10am tommorow, and I need to take a test so I was thinking of taking the 8:20am bus so I can attend to my academic needs before starting my workday.

First thought 10am thats not bad after all I did months of showing up at 6:15 no big deal I can do this...its 1:30am and Im two "nyquil" doses in. Was it sleeping in until 3pm....maybe that wasnt such a good idea.

Maybe Ill take a showe and eat a snack.

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  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    10:05 PM  

    I hate sundays...i call it "icky sundays" "sunday blues" "sickening sunday" and all other kinds of things I can think of.

    There's nothing worse than have a weekend off and then all of a sudden sunday comes to ruin it all! top