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I Heart Mac

Dear John-

I have loved the Dells in my life and even your XP operating system. We have been together for many years and over time I haven gotten to accept your idiosyncrasies. But I think the time has come to part ways. The mini entered our lives years ago and changed our relationship forever. Suddenly I knew there was more out there for me, a computer that understands me and I'm just too young to settle down without persuing this curiosity.

Its time I came clean. I think you may have been expecting this, the mini did nothing but wet my appetite and soon came the full size iPod, and now the iPhone. Ive been cheating on you with shiny little electronics that have a trendy little fruit as their symbol (that weird checkered box does nothing for me anymore) With your broken shift key and the annoying Microsoft message "I want to download word-perfect please place the CD in the D drive" Then when I say no...when I click cancel clearly stating my needs in this relationship...you shut me out and freeze up. Its always the same story with you isn't it? You will never change.

Ive consulted the mac expert Cobie who even talked me down off the pro and has me now drooling over a powerbook. Soon it will come out in aluminum with rounded corners and it will be impossible for me to resist my carnal desires. I hope we can enjoy these last couple months together in harmony. Your not an old computer you will find someone else. I will set you up and well the rest is up to you. I'm sorry its just to late for us. You were my first and I will never forget that.

You will always hold a special place in my heart-
Ava Mazur

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  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    10:53 PM  

    This made me giggle as well :) top