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Onion Pie

I hate onions. I’ve always hated them and presumably always will. I order my McDonalds cheeseburgers without onions and if I get one tiny disgusting dehydrated confetti sized onion on my sandwich I will spit it out (even if its inappropriate to do so) and refuse to touch the infested burger again.

Alice: Would you like a bite of my onion pie?


I wonder where she got onion pie from…we just went to McDonalds I bet she ordered a bun with nothing but onions and ketchup…my stomach begins to turn. Ewww onion pie. Wait a second I was in the car she ordered a double cheese burger. Minutes pass.

Ava: Onion Pie?

Alice: Huh? No OATMEAL Pie…

Ava: MMM I like oatmeal pies

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  • Blogger Kristen says so:
    7:42 PM  

    haha. too funny. if it was a real onion pie, you'd need a barf bad, a la mode. haha

    have fun in NE! top