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New years is my favorite holiday. I always have new toys to play with and with the family get togethers over I am in a good mood in my own house. Since being 21 I can't remember a bad new years...its a friend holiday where I surrounded by the people who are closest to me. The people who will hold my hair if I puke without a lecture and with whom I will point out shady allyway corners perfect for pit stops. Yep its all very glamorous.

For many year's we would ring in the new year in Green Bay which is as far as I'm concerned the liquor capital of the world, but when Heff and Hairnet moved to Nebraska Alice and I were left to improvise our fun.

Two years ago Alice, Rory and I went to lacrosse. Alice spent a couple hours talking cops throwing some guy out in the street she knew into detox....she then drove him home (he didn't live in town) The I think Rory lost her walet. I probably wore bad shoes because I do belive I was alone for a long time. We went home before bar close.

Then last year we attended Cobie's bash at his apartment. We cooked, we drank, I met new people. I talked with them until 5am about utopian health care. I think we drove everyone else crazy.

Although my last two new years were good they lacked that reckless quality which I think is a must-have once a year. No one threw up in a car, no one picked a fight (ahem Alice), no one went missing for hours only to be found trashed at the bar next door. Okay none of that happened last night either but still it was closer.

Alice, George, Bag and I set out for B&K's house. I always forget where they live. It really isn't that complicated I usually get to within a couple blocks of it. There is really no excuse I've probably been to their house 20 times. Sigh. I give up my wandering and call them. No answer. So I call K&E, after being informed to look for a van with ribs written across the side...(true story) I leave the car and begin wandering the street looking in windows.

Upon out arrival we were welcomed with pomegranate martinis, dice and whiskey shots, vodka + fresca (the ORIGINAL citrus beverage), plum wine and mountains of food. The was talking in a cold smoky garage. Shocking stories, work stories, gossip, laughter, snorting and several trips to the bathroom. We played rock band, we snowboarded, counted down the last second of 08'...it was good.

I started the new year right...I woke up with a stomach ache, headache, coal-miner's lung and generally smelly. Just how it should be.

Next year....back to green bay.

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  • Anonymous alice says so:
    12:53 AM  

    did we ever do new years in la crosse? those are oktoberfest stories. oh well i don't care enough to remember obviously. top

  • Anonymous Rory says so:
    8:03 AM  

    Alice lost her red purse and Rory bopped around with her until she found it, during Oktoberfest... I did lose my little blue wallet in "only deals" circa 1999 and it was never found.
    I was sick last year and the year before that I was with Matt during the NYE blizzard 06. But greenbay sounds delightful for next year! top

  • Blogger Ava Mazur says so:
    8:17 PM  

    Oh okay so my memory isn't serving me correctly that was oktoberfest...geez two months off isnt that bad. We did do new years in lacrosse one year. I remember the countdown at players, they had some games and there was stripping and I danced with a drag queen and I remember I had a new years kiss with Rory's Old Roomates Ex. I remember this because "the sherif" who I was dating at the time made a big hairy ass deal out of it...even though we werent together...whatever. So humm that was long. oh well. top

  • Anonymous alice says so:
    6:00 PM  

    oh yes! i do remember the stripping and the countdown! not that it is any different from any other time at players. top