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Nothing burns a hole in my pocket quite like Christmas money. Since it’s a gift I can't pay bills with it or do anything responsible like take the dogs to the vet to get their shots. Nope this money is to be blown as quickly and irresponsibly as possible. Normally a large percentage of my x-mas cash gets spent on new years eve bar and travel expenses but since it seems I will be spending my first ever new years in Rochester (I have lived here 5yrs) and since its a three paycheck month I have more disposable cash than I'm ever used to having.

Seeing as I'm not a save it for a rainy day kinda gal I got to thinking. I could either buy half a computer and put the rest on a credit card OR I could buy a wii. The wii won since the computer is going to be tuition reimbursement with no tuition to turn around and pay gift to myself.

Now I am not a video game person. I didn't have Nintendo as a kid and I've never beat any of the super Mario brothers although I did play them at my friends house. I had been quite happy with the status quo until a bit over a year ago I met my pal guitar hero. I freakin love guitar hero. I have played it for up to 6hrs in a single sitting.

When I realized the perfect gift to myself I had to have it and I wanted it now. So after work I went to Wal-Mart...sold out, target...sold out, other Wal-Mart and other target...sold out...both best buys...you guessed it sold out.

Sigh. I was disappointed. All the running around had made me loose my oomph and I hate...SIMPLY hate calling around to stores to see if something is in stock. Alice however sweet beloved kind Alice took on my mission. Located a wii in her area purchased it for me and will deliver it tomorrow. She even got the extra controller with some game that came with it. To anyone and everyone who will enjoy my wii in the future you have Alice to thank for it.

Rejuvenated in my excitement I set out to researching games. Guitar hero was a given (that was basically the reason I wanted the damn thing in the first place) but a brief late night encounter at Wal-Mart with Alice, Curious and Bag lead me to realize that guitar hero world tour band edition is the game that really brings people together (cue cheesy music and a group hug).

Not that I have parties often....okay ever. But occasionally I have 2 people over which is enough for a band and everyone can play at once without having to take turns (I hate sharing). Once I learned you can play one player on any of the options (guitar, drums or mic) I had to have it. My conveniently located (and open at 11:30pm) Wal-Mart had one in stock. I bought it. Then proceeded to unpack it, assemble it, and place it neatly next to my TV.

It taunts me sitting there. Looking so fun yet I can not yet unleashing its magically joyful addictive qualities. Tomorrow my pretty we will make beautiful music together.

P.S. Its past 3am and I have to be at work at 9am...why is it whenever I have to have my tushy at work in the morning I go to sleep even later than on a regular night?

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