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I should market this face

I'm starting to think my kind face is actual reality. This is quite benificial since I don't like paying speeding tickets and enjoy free stuff. I was on the train today and forgot to buy my ticket at the station. This is midly annoying because if you buy it on the train they charge some kind of lame convience fee.

Anyway so I'm sitting there and digging in my purse when the conductor comes by and asks for my ticket. I look up and tell him I forgot to buy one and asked him the price. He smiles back at me.

"don't worry he says" winks and walks away.

Sure he was probably my dads age but older men have connections...like free trips to Chicago proper.

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  • Anonymous alice says so:
    6:10 PM  

    you and that damn face! all mine has ever gotten me was vd. top