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Amanda Palmer in Chicago

Yesterday was the day all my dreams came true (what, to melodramatic for you?). The evening started in my hotel room with a bottle of warm asti that I had to drink with ice just to make it drinkable. I got through only two glasses before it was time to go. I slammed a third glass before heading downstairs to catch a cab (note to self warm sparkling wine is barley palatable.)

I arrived and wandered into line 45minutes early. I looked a tad out of place in my cream coat and coach purse but amanda's crowd is a welcoming people and chatted and accepted me even though I was way to preppy for the occasion. I guess they rightfully figured I cant be a complete drone if I want to go to this concert enough that I was willing to stand alone in the cold snow. So many people were dressed up I don't think I have ever seen so much eyeliner or fishnets in my life (and I've been to many a drag shows and Halloween parties). I think I'll dress up for Minneapolis.

After a brief memorial service for the late great AFP (Amanda Fucking Palmer) the doors opened and I made a mad dash to grab a drink and establish myself in the front row to the left of the stage for my wait to continue. Problem...I needed to go to the bathroom. The venue was still relatively empty I could have gone and still gotten pretty close to the front...but I just wasn't willing to give up my primo location, and I didn't have anyone to hold my spot so I figured I would solder on.

Act 1: The Builders and the Butchers
My knowledge of them was their name and a mention to check them out on
AFP's website...I had not done so. I'm usually not one for opening bands I pretty much want to get on with the show that I came to see. Even with my poor attitude these guys managed to rope me in and I really enjoyed myself. When vacation is over and I return back to my normal computer I have every intention of looking them up on iTunes and sending some monetary love their way. Look I even added a video for you to check out...

Act 2: Pony something er' another I don't remember the name.

I local Chicago acting troupe did a surprise performance. It was one of those theater performance that is supposed to make you feel a bit uncomfortable with a reward of making you think and coming to some great realization. I got the weird uncomfortable part but the message was lost on me, I just didn't get it. That being said the performance was still entertaining it definitely held my interest and curiosity, but at the end I was left saying...huh? What just happened here? I wanted to see if something was on you tube to share so maybe someone can enlighten me, but for the life of me I can't remember the whole name except for that it has pony in the title.

Act 3: Zoe Keating

In one word amazing. She is a "non-traditional" cellist who real time builds about what she is playing using her mac which is within reach as her stage partner. It was beautiful, dramatic and very very neat. Words can't really do it justice so watch a video...

The Main Event: Amanda Palmer and the Danger Ensemble

Well as you may have guessed it was amazing! I even became one of those crazy people that screamed and sang along with all the songs. The song selection was excellent including songs from her album and a couple ones that I do not yet have in my itunes collection. She choose two Dresden dolls songs: Coin Operated Boy, which was the song that introduced me to the dolls and Half-Jack one my favorite dolls songs. The evening ended with an encore with two very hilariously wonderful covers.

The danger ensemble did mini-performance pieces during many of the songs and there was always something to watch. Amanda was of course the energy of the night ever exciting and passionate...and even with a sense of humor to boot the whole night was a joy. I added a video of the first act which has admittedly horrible quality but quite frankly I was happy to find anything at all since security guards were steeping on my feet all evening to tackle the folks with video cameras..

The aftermath...my the end of the finale my slammed drinks was turning into a major bladder emergency. I got into the merchandise and signing line but after learning the nearest bathroom was in the balcony and I had run out of "hold it" as an option I regretfully left the line to head to the bar next door where I peed for I swear to go 2 straight minutes.

Fortunately I have a do-over and can wait in line after the show tonight. Tonight I will abstain from over consumption...or any consumption of beverages, have a fully charged camera battery (mine died halfway through), and wear cutsey tights. Here are some photos I did get.

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