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Christmas list

A bonus to being an only child and a spinster is your parents aren't distracted by other people or grandchildren and therefore still take great joy in lavishing you with numerous bundles brightly wrapped presents. Curious about what made it on the list this year?

  1. 6 pretty white wine crystal glasses (the kind that sing when you run your finger over the top of them)
  2. DVD of Momma Mia
  3. Soap & Glory Clean on Me Body Wash
  4. Soap & Glory Righteous Butter Lotion
  5. Replacement Sonicare Brush Heads
  6. Apple In-Ear headphones with Remote and Microphone
  7. Amanda Palmer WKAP Book and Vinyl
  8. Bare Escentuals Hydrating Mineral Veil
  9. Bare Escentules Eye Defining Brush
  10. Flute Music Books
  11. Lemon Verbena Petite Air Essence by Agraria (One of those air infuser thingies)
  12. Holidays on Ice, by David Sedaris
  13. Jenny and the Jaws of Life, by Jincy Willett
  14. Children Playing before a Statue of Hercules, by David Sedaris
  15. And a new aesthetically pleasing dog bed. (Well that's more for Bellirosa)

Oh today (well yesterday since its after midnight) is Rosa's birthday. She celebrated her 4th birthday with and extra cup of food, treats, an evening of tennis, roughhousing with bellie and an after dinner nap.

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  • Blogger Kristen says so:
    9:58 AM  

    mama mia is wonderful! I loved it and the girl from Aquamarine stars in it. at least i think so anyway. top

  • Blogger Ava Mazur says so:
    7:25 PM  

    It wasn't the same girl but the mama mia star was part of the cast of mean girls. top