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Bad Day

Oprah says each day you should find things to be grateful for. I like doing this just about as much as I like watching Oprah but whenever I have a truly crappy day (like today was) I in my own sarcastic way think of how things could have gone worse which eventually leads me to see the thinks that did go right. So today for one day only you get a day pass into Ava's coping with life mechanism.

  • I could of had to make 50 phone calls at work opposed to the 30 or so I made.
  • I could of had to work a double because no one would come in but instead I only had to stay an hour late.
  • The dogs could have shit three times in my kitchen instead of two.
  • I could of had to put air in all of my tires rather than the 3 flat ones that I came out of work to find.
  • I could have gotten multiple huge zits on my nose at T-3days until date day...but I only got the one. (My nose is currently covered in a thick white layer of Origins out of trouble emergency mask)
  • I could have been found bawling at work and hiding under my desk. Instead I skipped lunch and bought a chocolate ice cream treat which I proceeded to smudge all over my scrub top so it looked like I rolled around in poo.
  • I did fill up my gas tank for 25 dollars (1.82/gallon!) and I had less than 1/4 tank to start with.
  • My nails look nice...I bought a new french manicure kit and I didn't chip even one today and i didn't bite them all down to bloody nubs during my stressful day.
  • My netflix movies came in the mail today.
  • I'm really looking forward to reading my book before bedtime.
  • I got home early enough to have a conversation with jsp.
  • Belmont and Rosa are looking extra cute and not bothering me.
I feel better now.

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