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Is the Plauge still in style?

I love vicks vaporub. I have vicks plug-ins, vicks sented klenex, vicks shower tablets and of course my own personal tub of vicks vaporub. My only dissatifaction with the product is I love it so much I wish I could injest it. I took a tip of slathering the goo on the bottom of my feet to stop my agonizing cough..no dice so I moved to the chest which soothed my muscle pain from coughing but thats it. Still the slight satisfaction was enough to go on an addictive binge.

  • Feet
  • Chest
  • Arms
  • Nose
  • Upper lip
  • Cheeks
  • Forhead
  • Neck
  • Lowerback

Im afraid to lay down because Im prone to leave a greese streak wherever I go. I can no longer be seen because my skin produces a blinding glare. The dogs refuse to be in the same room as me due to the overwhelming odor. I am also starting to entertain the paranoid that I might be flamable (Shiny greesy things usually are). Oh and I'm still coughing.

P.S. In happy news Cobie and I kissed and made up (oh well more txt'd and talked) its good to have life back to normal.

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