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Ava version 2.0

Before I even graduated high school I entered a doctor's office who told me I wouldn't have children...well that's not exactly true they said if I wanted them sooner-rather than later was the method to go with (at 27, sooner has passed and my doctor stamped date is years expired). Now at the age of 17 the news although shocking never really bothered me until my mid-twenties, the baby making years where my friends facebook pictures abruptly turned from drinking photos to cloudy blob ultra sounds and pictures of juniors first smile. I want one.

Okay I don't want one today, but the progress of others has me thinking about my own mini-me and my own life situation. I really fell in love with the idea of adoption. It has that altruistic quality and having a child with my gene pool has become quite unimportant to me. Especially if I never find a husband adoption is definitely my baby-making method of choice. But I still had a romance with the child of my own idea has never quite gone away when I think of ever getting married. Granted I have no prospects at this point but I would like to think at one point I'll find someone well suited to me. And that half-me-half him mutant baby with daddy's nose and mommy's eyes not to mention the kid is required to get my kick-ass personality...is something I admit still saddens me a bit.

I went for my regular checkup at my doctor a few months ago, 6mos before the appointment I stopped taking all my medications that were supposed to "fix" my hormone issues. Frankly in my opinion they weren't doing shit so why bother paying for them. She checked my levels and everything...EVERYTHING was normal. Humm weird (for me). But I really hadn't give it much thought.

Then today I was sitting at my desk...I was crabby, I had found three (albeit tiny) zits on my face and my stomach hurt allot...wait cramps. Rosa parks had rode her bus into town yet again. I circle the little date on my checkbook calendar as I was taught in jr. high although I still don't understand the point of it. And I noticed something strange. 28days, cycle before 29 days, and the one before it 28days. 3 in a row. I've never even had one 28 day cycle before before. Normal its all normal.

Have I been magically been cured? Is the thought of a mini-Ava no longer an impossibility? It's something I gave up a decade ago...maybe I was too hasty.

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  • Blogger Jen says so:
    11:21 AM  

    Kids are wonderful. An Ava 2.0 would be very cool. I hope that your improved hormone issue proves to accommodate your desire for a child. I, too, have a hormone issue and likely would not be able to have biological children. However, I'm the proud mama of a wonderful two year old and have a baby girl on the way in January. Where there is a will, there is a way! If you want children, you will have children. top