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A word or a thousand about last night's post

So I'm in the doghouse and rightfully so. I made quite the boo-boo with yesterdays post.

  1. I posted it before talking to Cobie this morning after I had cooled down. Didn't Oprah say to write these things and then burn them? I suppose posting them on the internet is about 1000xs worse than sending it.
  2. Cobie is a good person and a good friend and even if the concert is something that wasn't tops on his list to go to even in my unrational state I did know its not something he would go out of his way to overbook on purpose.
  3. I'm not psychic and I shouldn't expect him to be either. There was no way for him to know I had taken the week off, and there was no way for him to know I took a long weekend for newyears to go to (albeit groan) Michigan.

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