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A new level of pathetic

It was gathering laundry time in the Mazur house. I had a giant pile of miscellaneous scrub parts piled halfway in my nightstand drawer. My nightstand drawer holds a host of items that you wouldn't want your parents seeing.

As I dragged my laundry down the stairs I noticed a condom fall out of my bundle. I'll get that later I thought to myself and went on my merry way. I was sitting on the couch watching gossip girl when roommate comes home. She hangs up her phone picks up the condom and proceeds to give me a hard time (that's what she said) before depositing the condom in my open waiting hand.

Its worse than I anticipated the wrapper was open the condom inside was not wadded up and stuffed back in the package. I made up some spur of the moment lame-ass unbelievable story about the dogs must have found it and chewed up the wrapper.

No this condom was used. Which is bad enough...the saddest part was it was not used during some late night lack of judgment. No this condom was the result of me being too lazy to clean off certain "tools" of the single girl trade. Its much easier to roll off a condom than washing and rinsing, besides I don't need yet another thing taking up space in my dish drainer.


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  • Anonymous alice says so:
    8:37 AM  

    oh this is funny on a billion levels. top

  • Anonymous Rory says so:
    7:33 PM  

    well at least you won't need to get tested for ickies since a rubber was used. haha top

  • Blogger Inga says so:
    7:10 PM  

    How innovative of you, and how deliciously funny this is. top

  • Anonymous Jen says so:
    11:04 AM  

    Oh no! Embarrassing! top

  • Blogger Inga says so:
    1:33 PM  

    Doesnt it feel better without the condom ;^P top