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Green Bay made me an alcoholic...one woman's story PART 2

On Saturday we arrived at XS at 9pm. Wow we are so cool.

But seeing as we had nothing better to do and we knew we would have the place to ourselves we headed out. I brought sixty dollars with me this time :)

We played dice. ALOT of dice. I probably played about 15 rounds and somehow managed to not loose once. Although Hairnet was doing a bit of accidental cheating on my behalf.

Yeah so you do the math 15 shots plus a shot of absenthe (although I do not believe it was truly absenthe just a very strong liquor market in the us by that name) well and there were of course the maintenance "sipping" vodka cranberries which over the course of 5 hours had to be about 10. This being said MII purchased me a drink, and the shots were provided from dice and still even after all that I spent less than 20 dollars. God its good to have boobs. Now on to what you are really waiting for highlights of the night. This post is significantly more difficult because due to aforementioned over consumption of beverage I remember things in flashes.

I lost miserably at darts (I usually win)

When conversing with one of our "posse" friends that I don't know he told me his name was Zacharia...I did not know this was a joke and continued to call him that all night. No one bothered to correct me. I will from now on if I ever get the opportunity to talk to him again call him Zacharia. It all came together when Alice called him later by his real name on the way home in car...oh well.

I remember man handling our bar tender (all above the belt of course,ok well mostly)...after his invitations to do so.

Most of all I remember being too much information girl when talking to MII. I remember an odd conversation about nipples.

Dancing in my chair because lord knows I wasn't about to do it on the dance floor and be judged.

I remember being in the parking lot filled with people and peeing behind a dumpster. Sometimes its good practice to recapture ones youth.

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  • Anonymous alice says so:
    10:57 PM  

    yea i cant remember what his name is either. what possesed you to talk about nipples? and what did you have to say? top

  • Blogger Ava Mazur says so:
    11:07 PM  

    He can guess what a persons nipples look like. Well and that of course prompted other genital discussions. Sometimes I wish I blacked out while drinking. top