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Mister Inconvenient Impossibility

You know I am not so lucky when it comes to fate. I have resigned myself to being entirely too peculiar to be appreciated by any male that has an affinity for the opposite sex. And I'm picky. I've tried to be more flexible but I guess I'm just not willing tone down the authentic me. Not to mention that the first thought that flashes across my mind when I meet available guys is "what a tool."

Enter Mister Inconvenient Impossibility (MII).

I was at XS with my chums and part of the imported group was MII. Tall, not skinny, cute, nerd glasses, smart, funny and oh so fits in with my group of people. Well I suppose my friends are his friends so that's a given. We chatted we flirted. I was well quite frankly too drunk. Like stupid college kid drunk. So my filter was even more porous that usual however MII still for some unfathomable reason seemed to take a liking to me.

So you are expecting me to gush and giggle now. Name our future children, imagine our engagement and pick out colors for the wedding. Believe me I would want nothing more than to sicken you all with a the fairytale romance of perpetually single Ava Mazur finding Mister Right...well lets be realistic Mister Possibility. But as you will notice this man is named Mister Inconvenient Impossibility more specifically he lives over 11 hours away, in Ohio.

I would like to say our small weekend connection ended with a kiss and exchanged emails where we could chat and be friends...you never know were something might lead which would make him Mister Snowballs Chance in Hell.

But no it ended with him being realistic which really only pisses me off because I didn't get the opportunity to be realistic first.

Although honestly I guess I'm not really realistic. Despite my best efforts I do have hope in general of finding someone and don't like to throw away leads all willy nilly. I would take a snowballs chance in hell over impossibility any day.

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  • Anonymous alice says so:
    1:06 AM  

    i like it that you have "glass half empty" as a label for your blogs. i want your epitaph to read "ava was loved most for her optimism" the joke will be the sarcasm is implied. man people are going to be laughing about that for years to come. years. top