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Ava Mazur for President

Ava Mazur – Presidential Write in

"Because what use is an election season if I havent alienated all of my friends."

Candidate Demographics
Age: 27
Platform: Independent
Experience: Voted in 2 in two presidental elections…otherwise none
Home state: Minnesota by way of Illinois

Ms. Mazur you have been accusing of being a Republican by Democrats and the Democrats accuse you of being a Republican. Why don’t you just pick a side?

I rather not, there is no party I completely identify with so why rope myself into only one option? I rather choose my stance issue by issue.

Do you kill unborn babies on the weekends?

No, but I fully support the right of others to do so. I have never been a poor scared knocked up 14 year old so I really don’t feel qualified to take that option away from her. I do believe in counseling and support for those mothers that would like to give their baby up for adoption…in fact I would like to take some ones unwanted baby. (Prefer no drug additions please). Also on that note I'm a big fan comprehensive sex education and free easily attainable birthcontrol for teens and young adults.

Where do you stand on gay marriage?

Marriage belongs in a church not at city hall. I think marriage as a government institution should be abolished and should be replaced with civil unions entered into by two consenting adults (regardless of gender). If you really want to get married find a priest.

Where do you stand on Iraq?

Ooopsie poosie we really don’t belong there at all. Let’s exit as swiftly and gracefully as possible.

Drilling in Alaska?

Call me crazy but it might be nice to have once state that we haven’t totally tapped. Besides by switching to domestic oil we are just putting a band-aid on the oil issue. Leave Alaska alone.

Going green?

I’m no saint. I have a SUV that gets 18miles/gal, I run my air conditioning like its going out of style and sometimes I throw away recyclables in the trash. Does this make me a horrible person perhaps, but it also makes me your average American. In order for people to really change you have to make being un-green either a pain in the ass or just too expensive. Here are some of my ideas:

  • A Dollar deposits on every plastic bottle (bringing you own bottle and hitting the fountain seems a lot easier doesn’t it)
  • Government subsidized or free recycling and you have to pay a certain dollar amount per pound of garbage.
  • More trains, and more public transportation in general.
  • 1 billion dollar contest for who ever can get an actual working green family car (must fit 4 adults and a golden retriever) along with luggage for a 3-day camping trip. No gas and it can get up to 90mph.
  • Solar power and windmills (windmills are pretty).
  • Get all that packaging off the shelves. Is it really necessary for my cereal to have a bag in a box…cant they just print the label on the bag?

On the bailout:

I would like to live in a country where corrupt companies close and industry that does a good job stays open and takes over their business. They were stupid enough to lend people who couldn’t afford it that money so tough. The loans that are still in good standing can be purchased by other mortgage companies. This is not a place for the government.

What about all those people who are loosing their homes because of predatory lenders?

Umm when I bought my house I got this pretty little contract that told me the terms of my loan…I looked at MY budget and knew I could afford it. If you sign on the dotted line you should have done your homework. I don’t think the government should bail you out either. Go get an apartment save your money and try again later.

On government health care:

I’m not for all inclusive government health care but a sliding scale for the uninsured is a must. There should be coverage for pre-existing conditions and no dropping someone if they get sick. In part of this health care organizations need eliminate waste from their systems, streamline care reduce the patient run around and everyone wins.

On Student Loans:

Government loans for all part or full time students regardless of their income or their parent’s income. Loans require the student to maintain a 3.0 GPA. Repayment begins one year after the student is no longer in school and monthly payment is based on the student’s annual income from the previous year. No payments required for those living below the poverty line. Much like welfare proof that a person is attempting to find a job is required.

Is it true you are harboring illegals under your bed?

No. Last time I checked America was a nation of immigrants. Let’s make it possible for people to come in legally. Those who are illegal and causing trouble send them to jail or to their original country. I’m not saying immigration should be a cake walk it was hard on great-great-great-grandpa Mazur. I’m not one who believes in squashing cultures but I do think that part of being in America requires a bit of conforming. We need your face on a driver’s license so we can tell you are really you. No one is required to get a driver’s license if your religious conviction is so strong you refuse you can take the bus. You probably should know some English. I don’t like inconveniencing the majority for the benefit of a few. Do I have a problem with Spanish being everywhere? Heck no there are lots of people who speak Spanish that is not really a minority in my eyes. So if you are employable, have a clean criminal record, want to pay a bunch of taxes and can communicate effectively come on over, and welcome to America.

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