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Dairy of the Dying

Saturday night: Slept 15 hours

Sunday night: Slept 17 hours

Monday night: Slept 18 hours

I have not left my bedroom except the occasional bathroom trip of orange juice refill. I had to feed the dogs cereal because they were out of food and the thought of getting dressed and leaving my home was quite simply unfathomable. The second half of my bed is covered in snotty tissue and cough drop wrappers. I really cant breathe very well and am starting to entertain the paranoid notion that I might asphyxiate in my sleep.


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  • Blogger Kristen says so:
    9:43 PM  

    hope you feel better! try drinking some tea and honey and eating a clove of garlic (raw) with some crackers to thin out the mucus - then you can save yourself to the trip to the store for more kleenex/tissues/tp/snot rags etc. Whatever you do - get better! top

  • Anonymous Jennifer says so:
    11:50 AM  


    I hope you feel better soon. Need me to bring you some dog food? lol top