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My tumultuous affair with best buy continues

My tactic for places that piss me off is typically a boycott which lasts anywhere between a day and years depending on how much I like the place...and exactly how perturbed I was as a result of how they wronged me.

My biggest offenders are best buy and charter...but today lets look at our friend best buy. Yes they have done me wrong but when I went to return my camera the last time I got exactly what I wanted...and the camera I should have gotten in the first place and it was even cheaper than the first. Also it goes down in history as the only time a completely sober man asked me for a date. Sure he had a ponytail and worked at best buy but it was a little cherry on top of the customer service Sunday I couldn't help but appreciate.

Just a couple weeks ago I went to best buy where a 12-yr old sold me a supposedly iPhone compatible charger and FM transmitter (it was just a charger with an iPod ready chord)...my car is not so ready for the iPod. Normally this would put me back into pouts-ville but today was a very important day.

I can't believe you guys forgot. Its Amanda Palmer's big solo album release. I simply had to have the physical copy. Of course I was pretty sure this is not the type of CD one could procure at target or walmart and since I live in freaking Rochester,MN my odd music purchase leave me with only one option...crawl back to my arch nemesis...best buy.

I went to the south store that just opened because its closer to my house. I don't want to spoil the surprise but it looks like every other best buy in the history of time. I head straight to new releases...not there. No worries I think they just put the big names out front. I look in the regular section...cant find it. This is the tough part now I have to seek out an employee to help me. Oh my God before I could even look not one but two come to my aid. Looked it up and located the CD (of which they had 4 copies in the back). I chatted with both of them who were very interested in my selection. The girl even wrote down the Dresden dolls and Amanda Palmer on her hand (without any urging by me) and then put the 3 remaining beloved Amanda Palmer CD's right in the middle of the new release shelf at the front of the store (okay so with alphabetical order that's just how it worked out but still rock socks).

Here is where the real fun begins. I listened to my actual physical CD in through blaring Bose speakers and let me tell you it sounds a hell of a lot better than on youtube. The music (instrumentation) is really impeccable, and it was produced by not only my beloved Amande but also Ben Folds. I guess they have a common thread of loathing.

Back to my point...I'm un-breaking up with you best buy...but your still on probation.

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