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Supa Dupa Fly

Tonight was a long overdue happy hour. I haven't been out with "the boys" in months and it was nice to see that I showed up with no accompaniment and upon walking in the door was greeted by droves (ok 4) people. Oh and whats better apparently I won some raffle thing for a free night at the Kahler.

What am I going to do with a free hotel stay where the hotel is 3miles from my home I have no clue...maybe I'll have a wild ecstasy and sex party. Of course I have no idea how to procure either ecstasy or sex so maybe a plan B is in order.

Either way back to the story. Normally I have a 2drink happy hour max but I was feeling spicy tonight and having a good conversation with a friend about his torrid love affair so I went for a third.

Shortly after finishing my drink the crowd started to filter out and regretfully it was time to go home. By no means am i drunk but going over my normal Ava-imposed limit made me paranoid. I get in my car and go to make a left hand turn.
The light turns yellow...
out of the corner of my eye I see a cop I begin to break..
Dammit I'm in the middle of the intersection
I speed up
The light is red....


I stare in my review mirror, no lights. Then I realize I'm in the wrong lane, no problem Ill just go around the block. I turn...he turns, I turn again...he turns again...I turn, turn, turn and finally loose him.

Of course by this point I have absolutely no idea where I am. I drive around aimlessly until I find a street I recognize. While I'm straining trying to see the road signs I COMPLETELY run a red light...not a yellow light turning red...like a really been red for a long time light. Nice real nice.
So I dart my head around no cars, none. Thank goodness I didn't kill anyone.

I turn on Broadway and all of a sudden sirens are everywhere 2 cop cars and a fire truck. I turn off my radio..this is it I think the jig is up. No one seems to be getting over but I switch to the right lane even though they are blocks behind...i keep pulling over and realize I am in a turn lane. The cops turned the other way. I'm now driving around a parking lot for no reason.

I head back home where another cop sirens blaring comes from the other direction and turns on my street. They are coming for me there are probably 10 cop cars in my driveway ready to arrest me for my 3beers. He also zooms past me.

My 3mile trip home took about 20minutes.

I would just like to whoever got in a hell of a lot of trouble tonight because you saved me a ticket.

P.S. Date from the other night emailed me shortly after my post yesterday...yeah I know I'm supa dupa fly.

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