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Indecent Proposal

Message Recieved on MySpace:

hi ava, your pics are really beautiful.
i am a 35 m in the twin cities, i am married but looking for a long term affair, thats why my profile is soo empty. i know that sounds bad, but i miss the passion and excitement i should be feeling and its a turn on i guess. i am looking for a girl to have fun with, spoil and pamper, be close to, be my best friend, fall in love with, and of course i love sex and especially kissing.
i can email a pic if you are interested.
hope to hear from you soon, i would rather be there loving and spoiling you than with the wifey :)

My Response:
If I wanted an STD I would perfer the excitment of intravenous drug use to sleeping with you. Good luck in all your extramarital affairs.

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  • Anonymous alice says so:
    7:14 PM  

    oh i love that response! i am going to use that when trolls hit on me at bars (it doesn't happen often so i will have to wait to use it) top

  • Anonymous Jennifer says so:
    1:34 AM  

    Excellent response! :) top