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My little bachelorette party gift went over well. Of course I had to pay an atm fee and take a cab home and have nothing to look forward to but a 7mile bike with a hang over to pick up my car in the morning...life sucks. Back to my point many people liked my gift....as a result another friend at the party was trying to hook me up with her brother. Not that Im not willing to take offers...speaking of offers check out this match I got on chemistry.com.
Hi my name is nick. i am looking for a nice girl for possible relationship. i am white average weigh brown hair and eyes.looking for white girl black hair blue eyes.fune and easy going.i am shy and little timid.looking for someone to bring the outgoing person out.

Relationship: Seperated
Education: Associates Degree
Income: Less than 25,000
Book movie or concert I've enjoyed: The lost boy it is about vampires I really like monstor movies.


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  • Anonymous Rory says so:
    9:38 AM  

    UGg. Poor dear. I don't know what is worse -- the mullettesque hair style or his preference for gothie girls with black hair -- it's like he himself is a vampire. yIkes! Maybe he has normal friends -- but they all prob. play dungeons and dragons or wear renaissance fair outfits year round. Better luck next time.

    Cheers. Rory! top

  • Anonymous alice says so:
    10:53 AM  

    he looks like dwight from the office! im sure he doesn't like beets as much though, no one can. top

  • Anonymous Rory says so:
    6:00 AM  

    He's probably wearing a cape and getting ready for some convention -- but thank goodness it's only a head shot. top

  • Anonymous Jennifer says so:
    1:40 AM  

    Oh, my. top