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Who says prayers aren't answered. About a year ago I first listened to the Dresden dolls only days latter I went to best buy and bough both of there albums...like actual CD's at Best Buy whom I hate. This only begins to show my love and devotion. I'm their friend on myspace...I know all the words to ever song ever released, I have a whole bunch of downloaded pictures and Ive watched home made you tube video just because they are set to their music.

I don't like concerts....I will go if I'm invited but never have I wanted to see a group bad enough to actually purchase a ticket on my own and go. The Dresden dolls has changed all that for me. I've looked at the tour dates nothing but Europe, I actually was thinking I wanted to schedule my backpack through Europe around seeing then and then like magic I saw on their my space new us tour dates added...and I looked it up.

They are playing in Milwaukee on Thursday and Chicago on Friday, i have a cubs game to go to in mil wake on that Saturday...the heavens have smiled down upon me.

I think i will go to the Chicago date because then I can drive down Thursday and cobie would go with me he could save a ticket ticket to get to the game and life would be good. I could go crazy and buy tickets for both.

A high! Cloud nine I'm on and then reality came crashing down on me. What do all these colors mean? Purple is the Dresden dolls, blue is just Amanda Palmer...either of which I would go for and then there is red (the color of all the us dates) that's the World Inferno Friendship Society...what in the hell is that? The male part of the duo (the drummer) drums for them. I have no Idea who they are and I'm certainly not willing to drive all over and take my precious PTO time for them.

Yeah there is no God

Photo of the World Inferno Friendship Society

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