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Day 10 - Match.com you are walking a fine line with me

It's been a long time since I have experienced buyer remorse but my $101.94 6mos membership is already pissing me off.

  • Issue number one: I had a match profile forever ago I must have set it to invisible from before. I did my membership set up my new profile and posted it as viewable. I noticed on day 3 that my 6month guarantee would not be honored because I was invisible for these three days. I've emailed them twice the first time they told me how to check my status...something I obviously already knew how to do since I sent the email in the first place. The second email was to say no I'm not covered and I think you should basically overlook it. They refused I'm pissed. I asked for a customer service number. Quite frankly the thought of being on match.com for an entire year makes me want to kill myself but its become a principle with me.
  • Issue number two: Seriously not one person has contacted me....not one! Yeah I like to sit back and let the men flock to me but I'm realistic so I went and did a bit of winking and emailing. Thirteen guys in total and no one has winked or emailed back. I think this is absurd. I don't think my profile is bad, I'm not horridly ugly, what gives. Could the match makers be taking revenge due to my bitchy emails?
  • Issue number three: Another thing an extra sign up service you can get it basically put on the top of the list to be emailed suggested matches. I did not opt into this one I'm too cheep and well I didn't think I would have a problem getting people to email me. This hasn't been an issue in the past. But I digress, I have never gotten an email with suggested matches...no hints I'm out there on my own.
My friends have had nothing but good things to say about match...why is my experience so sucky? I will stick it out, but I have no plans for the weekend and was hoping to spice up my blog with an old fashioned dating horror story. Sigh, I need advice kids.


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