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Don't be envious of my hipster lifestyle

So I got to work a day shift to day thus leaving me with a Friday night and no plans. A single girl leaving in the vast metropolis of Rochester, MN I was swirling with possibilities. Then I came back to reality. I watched an episode of Queen Bee, 2 episodes of Degrasi and made a bachelorette party gift for K & B. Well kinda made. I suppose bachelorette parties normally produce skimpy nighties and vibrators but I just wasn't in the mood to go to naughty stores. So I hit target and their registry. I figured I would get them something for the actual wedding so I went decided to just get a little 3-tierd dessert tray it was cute. I then decided instead of wrapping it to just put a bunch of crap on it people can eat at the party tomorrow. Or they can hide it away and eat it themselves. Here are the fruits of my labor from my Friday night in. I know too cool for words.

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