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Things I hate

I usually try to be pretty good about posting on a regular basis. I would like to tell you that I've been busy with work, life or had some accident with my computer. However, none of those are the case. The truth is I signed up for one of those free trails from netflix. The instant movie watch on the computer is mildly addicting. This week I've watched about 5 documentaries, 3 movies, a season of coming out stories, and I'm just wrapping up the first season of dexter. I have done nothing but work and sit in front of my computer. Hopefully this love will fade as I think I'm starting to get bed sores and lose sleep due to my addictions.

Since I'm here though I thought I'd throw you a bone and write a post. My new work unit is big into positive management style. It works for me after all I hate getting yelled at. But since that's the work environment I was "raised" in giving pats on the back to others doesn't exactly come naturally to me.

Email sent to Alice: Things I hate

Sending this email....

"Thank you everyone for working together so well! Its wonderful to be part of a team that really pulls together when things get a bit rocky!"

Its all part of this performance management positive attitude bull. Needless to say kudos are not my forte. But here I mad an effort. It sucks I know. Did you see the exclamation points...that shows I'm enthusiastic...part of my soul died when I sent it...I might need that part later, but no such luck its gone now...gone FOREVER.

Reply from Alice:

i also hate doing stuff like that. there are a bunch of exclamation points in there, i can tell you really meant all of that. i hate saying hi to everyone all day long. i just try to avoid eye contact."


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  • Anonymous alice says so:
    12:58 PM  

    the type it too small, im no cobie but i think you are also copying and pasting code which affects the font. i already know what it says, but your other reader might care.

    i went to the farmers marketing today. if cabbage was currency, id be rich. top

  • Blogger Kristen says so:
    8:23 AM  

    I did need to whip out my bifocals for that one..

    I'm jimminey crickets is that a grasshopper typing?

    ok I'll stop now. Miss your rantings. top

  • Blogger Ava Mazur says so:
    6:12 PM  

    It should be fixed now top