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Screening My Calls

I’ve been antisocial lately I’m not exactly sure why but its getting bad. I think the downward spiral of solitude began when my phone started to deteriorate. It requires a series of careful angles, adjustments, and pressures in order to charge. And if by some miracle I get it to charge the battery lasts for about a half hour conversation tops. Oh yeah the phone is also held together by a rubber band and no longer rings.

So occasionally I check my Verizion online account just to make sure I don’t go over my anytime minutes. I only have 450 allotted and have only ever going over during those annoying breaking up with someone months. I checked the bill one day before my closing date…I had used only 42 minutes…42! It’s sad really.

I’ve also noticed I haven’t really been calling people to do things. Last Friday I was perfectly content to craft by myself rather than remove my scrubs to put on real clothes and go do something social. And when I do go and do things it takes a lot to convince myself to do them. I haven’t wanted to go out…even though I pretty much always have a fun time once I get there.

So what’s the deal? Am I just in a rut for the last couple weeks?


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