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Only me

Today I played a very dangerous game and lost. I was driving home from Chicago about 30miles from Rochester. Belmont had been whining for most of the trip. Belmont's whines usually mean one of the following...He wants attention, he is thirsty or he needs to go outside. Seeing as Rosa had taken up residence in the front seat and was showing no sign of giving it up my money was on jealousy....WRONG. Just minutes from home the whining intensified to barking....humm maybe he does need to potty...well we are almost home he holds it all day he can hold it for a 4hr car ride.

Whats that smell? I look in the backseat and the biggest shit ever had taken up residence in the back seat. I couldn't really blame him he did warn me. To make matters worse it wasn't exactly a totally solid stool. So there I was two dogs and a pile of shit ridding home the last leg of my journey with the windows open baking in 90 degree heat.

I ask you is it better to close your self up in the cool air conditioning and a pile of shit or open the windows and have the air simultaneously circulate and bake it? It was a decision I hope none of you have to make.

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  • Anonymous Rory says so:
    7:16 AM  

    So did you keep the air on? I think I would have thrown up a little in my mouth - especially during the clean up process. top