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The Great Outdoors

I was forced to camp as a child. My dad was raised in the city and I think it was some sort of late stage rebellion that turned him into a wilderness man or maybe its his dislike of showering...either way every spring and fall the three of and the dog filled into a tiny leaky tent where it was always unseasonably cold and rained for the entire three day weekend.

Since the horrid camping of my youth I have usually avoided the outdoors at all costs. Last year I went camping for my birthday and also for a week vacation in Colorado...pretty hard core for me.

This weekend was the wedding celebration for K & B. There were bags, das boot and lots and lots of food. Of course there was setting up in the rain...having everything I own smell like campfire and nature. Bugs, dirt and BO.

I have to say that coming home to a scrub and facial was majestic.


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