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Oh my god date night

So its been quite awhile since perpetually single Ava Mazur has had a date invitation and tomorrow is D-day.

Lets meet the bachelor.
Age 25 (2yrs my junior not normally my style)
Education..working on his fourth degree while working as a tech at mayo. Living at home while in between apartments and roommates...yeah yeah this sounds bad but he said its only for a month and the rest gets better.
6'1 - few extra pounds
Actually kept few extra pounds, curvy and full-figured on his what I'm looking for.

Fun facts
-Likes to lounge
-Likes dogs, dislikes cats
-Princess-like feet
-Wants an advanced degree in nursing
-Good sense of humor...you can just tell by the way he phrases things
-Wants a penguin as a pet...because as he says...penguins rock.
-Could not exactly come up with a conclusive answer about how many siblings....it sounds complicated
-Sleeps with 8 pillows
-Owns an iPhone and a mac book pro
-He is still calling me by my unabridged name (this makes more sense to those of you who don't know me as Ava)
-Came up with a list of about 20 veggies/fruits that he simply couldn't narrow down when asked what his favorite item in the produce isle is...notable mentions: Calamari Figs and Persimmons
-Answered my secret homo-phobe question successfully. "If you had a clone of yourself would you have sex with it?" He even read into the importance of such a question and all the possible ways it could be interpreted...kudos.

We will be having coffee after work tomorrow. I will be dressed in jeans and possibly something to cover my top. Most likely a t-shirt. I will do my hair and makeup :)

Wish me luck folks!


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  • Anonymous Jennifer says so:
    9:36 AM  

    Looks like a fun coffee date at very least. Have fun! top

  • Anonymous Rory says so:
    5:14 PM  

    ooh can't wait for details!!! top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    5:26 PM  

    hehehe, that's me alright... top