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I went to work today and opened my email as one normally does at work. I get a a little Innocent video on hand washing. 19 minutes of hand washing...yeah I know its important but snoozfest USA. Oh well I watch it.

Starts out innocently enough reason change change be a good person all that sort of stuff. Then of course the lady starts talking about her young son that died due to a nosocomial infection...she stayed with him had no words. Literally heart breaking. So I'm sitting at my desk tears streaming down my face trying not to make a scene.

I wipe my eyes and get up from my desk.

"whoa did anyone watch that hand washing video its so sad"

Mr.Matchmaker comes up and says yeah...when she has no words for her dying son...

Well me miss cool starts balling. Wads of Kleenex were shoved at me and I was called a mushmellow.

I guess its best they know now.

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