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Perpetually Single on Purpose?

See my advice on dating is lines up well with Dr.Joy Brown. When getting out of something take some time I think a year is good to make sure you don't go all crazy and possessive before dating. I've for more or less heeded this advice but after two ill fated dates I'm wondering if I've established myself as too easy going and independent.

Date 1: Met the match guy not the best date but I was excited to see him again. After a week or so of stringing along I requested a second meeting which he canceled the day off. Normally this would piss me off but quite frankly my first thought was oh good I can get to that homework tonight. Humm maybe I just wasn't into him either.

Date 2: Not that into him. Period. On paper mister perfect, good job, owns a home has a boxer. But he came off as needing lots of reassurance and his eye contact kept lingering at my chest during the majority of lunch. He was eager for date two but caught me at busy times so no plans were made and he has thusly fallen off the face of the earth. I would have given him a date two second chance at a first impression but I doubted anything was going anywhere with this one.

My worry here is my lack of caring. Rejected eh? Can one really be rejected if they weren't invested in the first place. Honestly the thought of dating just seems like so much more trouble than its worth at this point.

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