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Lucky Kid

So awhile ago I made a bucket-list and I think I've done well enough to cross off no.8. (For the entire post click here)

8- Do something amazing for my parents.

Fortunately my parents are easy to please. For thier 30th aniversary I wanted to do something special. I spent hours scouring through old photos and none of them seemed right. I knew the ones I wanted. Its very rare to find unposed pictures in our house. Most are glamorshots, wedding photos with frizzy hair or school portraits where I alway had something wierd going on with my face or hair. My favorite pictures from my childhood were ones taken at the ripe old age of three. Im wearing kneesocks and gray kangaroo shoes. My dad's hair is messed up and he's wearing prescription sunglasses complete with saftey bar. My mom isn't wearing any makeup but looks more beautiful than any woman in the world and I am of course adorable. The premis of the photoshoot was the trimming of our big rose bush and the pictures alternate between me being with my mom or dad and shoving the big red blooms into thier face. Its just a genuine happy simple pleasure kind of photos...they were perfect.

I wish I scanned them before I framed them because I would love to include them here but le sigh they are now customed framed so that isnt going to happen. Next to the pictures I wrote a little ditty to include. I thought it was going to be hard to write but actually it was something I've been thinking about for awhile so I got the whole thing done in one take. Allthough I did have to edit some things out later for space sake.

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