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Women's fashion sucks

A couple weeks ago I set out on an endeavor for new jeans. I went to the same place I bought my beloved old jeans. Got the same style, length and size and then another one size smaller. My old pair were a little big but I didn't know if this was because of their age or because I lost a smidge of weight.

I started with the larger size because I wanted to avoid the mental distress of not fitting into the smaller ones. I tugged on the jeans and sucked in to close them. I couldn't breathe and was slightly worried the button might fly off and break the full length mirror in front of me....it was a miracle it didn't crack just reflecting the sight of me in these too tight jeans...think muffin top.
I took off the jeans...they must be miss labeled. No they weren't. Back on the sales floor I picked up two more pairs in the next two sizes. Size one up fit...snuggly but doable, two sizes up fit perfectly. Sigh.
I'm not one to get all bent out of shape about sizes but really? How is it possible I've lost 13lbs and gone up 2 well actually 4 sizes (since its only even numbers)? I took home my new pair and held it up to the old ones. The new "bigger" jeans were actually an inch SMALLER in the waist!
I soon learned that these jeans took the word "stretch" to the extreme. I put on these jeans straight from the dryer and they fit perfectly. Look at the picture taken only 5hours after I first put them on. Yeah its hard to appreciate the scale on here but that's held out a good 6 inches.

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  • Blogger Kristen says so:
    9:19 PM  

    I hate that! I have a total of two pairs of jeans that get the regular wear. The first pair - streches so by the end of the day it's a miracle if I'm not pulling them up every 5 seconds so the world won't see my pre-package hanes her way underwear. The other pair get mad at me if I eat a saltine for lunch and so I have to wear a big sweater so I can sit at my desk with my sweater long enough to cover my fly so can unbutton them to breathe and or better yet sit in my chair. Then I have the lovely task of trying to remember to button and zip every time I get up (cause you know the zipper has fallen down a little bit) You just win can you? top

  • Blogger Kristen says so:
    9:20 PM  

    insert: "can't" in last sentence.
    typo queen is back. top