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Elevator Humor

Cobie, Alice, 2G and I enter the hotel elevator after closing down Jim's time out, and a slight detour to gorge at dunkin doughnuts. Just before the door closes 3 guys come in. They are obviously in town for the game and also drinking. These are jock guys. Think hair greese and an overwhelming sent of Aqua De Gio.

Alice and I share a knowing look about the guys in the elevator and start to giggle. The giggle grows into laughter. Cobie and 2G look at us like we are crazy.

"Why are you guys laughing?" Cobie questions
Alice still laughing, "Ava farted"
"I did not!" I whine...but what could I say after that. I couldnt say we are laughing because we are trapped in an elevator with a bunch of guidos.

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  • Anonymous alice says so:
    2:09 AM  

    yea i was thinking about that today, it still makes me laugh. top