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So I tried about 3 or 4 new blog templates and finally go them working...the codeine in my cough medicine must have helped. Well as you can tell I just couldn't let go of my old format BUT I did do a little housecleaning.

  • Click on the pull tab...you will notice a new section called "Blogs I stalk and you should too!" so click on one and give them a whirl
  • Also I've fixed some graphic issues note the swirl at the top just above the most recent post and the graphic at the bottom by the bio.
  • Another little thing, instead of "weed wack" in the search box is now says "Ava is super cool"
So even though no one (and I mean no one) voted for keeping this template tough luck. I'm in for the long haul. Keep tuned I have ideas.
  • Change "Biography" section at the end to mostly be a blog summary
  • Actually do something with the "about" section


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