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I try not to be a bitch but I'm not a very good actress

The following letter was written to my professor regarding her incompetence. I tried my best to be nice...it was a challenge and resulted in the entire letter being written in code. For your reading pleasure I have included my true intentions in italics below the original letter.

Dear __________,

Thank you for sending test 1. I have completed the study guides for this test about 3weeks ago and wanted to wait and take the quizzes as a review when studying for exam 1 once it became available. I can see where it may be confusing to see someone requesting a bunch of tests when they haven't taken the quizzes. I assure you these quizzes will be completed prior to taking the written exam.

Thank you for getting off your lazy ass and sending me one fucking test 19 goddamn days after you said you would mail it. Especially since I have already emailed you 3times on the issue and cc'd your boss. Oh and no I didn't take the quizzes since I had no idea when I would actually have to study the material. I'm an adult with a job and I really feel no need to waste my precious time to study something twice just because you are so helplessly incompetent. Ill get to them when I fuckin feel like.

I have actually completed all the study guides for CLS480 and am now starting on the second study guide of CLS481. And the lack of tests is proving to be very problematic for me. Is there a particular course where exams are done and ready that I should switch and work on?

Look lady this one test really isn't going to cut it. I'm totally done with CLS480 I have I think one more to go but for christ sake this woman moves at the pace of molasses. And really I had to exaggerate a little to prove my point here...to be fair if I didn't have pneumonia for the last week I would have had them done.

I understand that the study guide semester is switching from a one test/final per course to several tests per course. Although I think this is a worthwhile effort from a student perspective if the tests are unavailable it just gives us more work (2 steps forward then switch gears to move back and study for a test on a completely different subject).

So I'm just curious why the hell did you go and switch the program when you didn't have the tests done. And when your realized it took you a month to write one test have you yet come to the realization that maybe just maybe this was a bad idea to roll out? This is a major dysfunctional pain in the ass that I shouldn't have to deal with. This is yet another service I am disgusted that I actually paid for.

I am very concerned about my personal completion of these classes. There are 14 total tests for me to take this semester and seeing as its over 1/3 over and I have not been able to take one, I'm in a bit of a panic. If tests continue to be unavailable what will be done to ensure the students finish their work and graduate on time?

I just want to let you know I have no intention of taking the fall because you are completely incompetent. I will be the biggest pain in the ass you have ever known. And I'll be damned if your moronic actions are going to keep me from finishing in December because I swear I simply don't have another semester of dealing with crap like this left in me.

Thank you-

Go get off your ass and do something

Ava Mazur

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