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Rory is visiting from the great white north and we decided to do what all 20-somethings do on a Friday night…watch a movie on ABC family. Tonight’s special feature was Aquamarine. This was quite possibly the worst movie I have ever seen however we had to watch the film in its entirety because I was compiling a list of Quotes to give to you my readers so you can groan and laugh without actually having to suffer through 122minutes (including commercials) of this movie.

You scared the salt out of me (shit)

Shell phone (cell)

Oh crabs (crap)

Spoiled rich squid (kid)

I’m sunk

Bubbles in my brain

Swimming down the isle with that blowfish

I need some salt

Who ordered broom service?

Theres something very fishy about that girl

I was such a clam

Finger scales (nails)

She’s gonna pop a tail

Holy mackerel

Starfish are notorious suck-ups

Smart like tuna

The last splash dance

Ben and jerry’s phish food

That barnacle…(bitch)

Think I feel sea sick (love sick)

Let the music carry you like a wave

It’s a total dive

It’s good to have friends with fins

Are you planning to surface anytime soon?

Clear the water with my dad

Bull-shark (bullshit)


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