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Sometimes its actually good to be me

My kind face has struck again.

Alice, Hairnet, Heff and myself leave to go for some post-bar munchies at Subway. We stand in line for what feels like forever. I was last and quite frankly not paying any attention to what was going on behind me. I get a footlong pizziola (quite possibly the least healthy menu item one can procure at a subway) and head to the register.

Ava: May I have the meal please?

Sandwich Artist: Go ahead

Ava: Huh?

Sandwich Artist: Just go ahead and go... (he smiles at me)

Ava: Really are you sure?

Sandwich Artist: Yep have a good night.

Awesome free food. So I go and collect my beverage and chips cool ranch doritos because I like to have bad breath all the time and head to my table.

Ava: Hey guys, I have a question. (looking down all coy and innocent) Did you have to pay for your sandwiches?

They all look at me

Group: Uhhh yeah.

Ava: Looking modest, turning my head slightly and shrugging my shoulders possibly twirling a length of hair between my fingertips. The guy just let me have it.

Alice: You bitch and your fucking kind face.

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  • Anonymous alice says so:
    11:10 PM  

    i do hate your kind face. i might make a spreadsheet to keep track of all the free things your kind face has gotten you.

    on a sidenote i have the tv on in my bedroom and i can hear the roommates video game as if he was playing it in here. lovely. top

  • Anonymous Rory says so:
    7:45 AM  

    I cried the last time I had subway. I need a face transplant. STAT. top